ATN Investors get ready!

You can register for our investment launch on the button below or join the (Facebook Event) or our (ATN Investors Whatsapp Group) and you will be notified when our investment launch goes live! All you need is R250 to invest in Timeless. This is a once since creation investment opportunity and the only of its kind. We will give you a view into Timeless during the launch and you can decide afterwards if you want to invest or not. But to see what we want to show you, you need to register / attend by one of the 2 links above or the registration button below. It will happen on Chirstmast! (25 Dec 2020) #TickTock ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS(T) SOUTH AFRICA! LAUNCH NOTICE Timeless Invesement launch will happen over 3 days of today being the 1st day. (25th-27th) You may visit (Timeless Essentials) to see what the East London store has been up to, as it will become the first store of the Timeless Essentials franchise stores that we will give to people to pay of as they make profit from it with the scope of achieving the first franchise owner as soon as it is sustainable. Some of the funds we will raise from the investment launch will go towards setting up the franchise chain and stocking the East London franchise, as-well as manufacturing Timeless Brands and Timeless Concepts products that will form part of the core products stocked by our franchise owners. To see what Timeless Brands has been up to and our first Timeless shirts please visit ( . Part of the funds raised from the ATN Investment launch will be used to produce/manufacture our own Timeless Brands products and gift ranges. You may also visit ( Let's not forget what Christmas(t) is about ;) Our 4th and second biggest website will launch tomorrow the 26th and then the 5th and final one, our biggest sight that will give you the vision into Timeless will launch on the 27th. Please share ATN Investment launch with your friends and family. Its a R250 investment that will change the future of South Africa, and your generations to come... #KeepFollowing Thank you, from the Timeless Team. NEW UPDATE OUR SECOND LAUNCH SITE IS OPEN FOR VIEWING. ( Our third and final site will go open for viewing soon!

    TThe Dream is for everyone, the Reality is for those who believe in it!

    "The creatives in us our tired of dying, as we know, we have a gift and we hear our calling. We approaching once again the days of dreaming and we expect it to be arriving with pefect timing!" - A Timeless Promise #09072019

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    Whe are available on whatsapp.

    : (+27) 064 940 6941
    : Unit 22 Berea Mall, Berea, East London, South Africa